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Shiraz Nylon Industrial Production Company started its activity in Shiraz city in 1357 in the field of producing all kinds of single-layer nylon film and printing all kinds of packaging wrappers in an area of ​​3000 square meters. In 1382 with the change of management in Shiraz Nylon In the view of the intellectual future of the company’s managers, by using the past experiences and updating the production and printing machines, they have taken a new step in the printing and packaging industry and have provided a valuable and effective service to the food, health and related industries of Fars province and the south of the country. .

مدیریت آقای تابنده


Increasing the quantitative and qualitative power and the type of products of the printing and packaging industries in line with the development of the target markets to the global borders and completing the initial lines of the supply chain.


Making an impact in the sales market of customers with impressive design in the printing of product packaging for different industries and in line with the full coverage of different purposes.


Increasing the target market of customers by designing and printing the packaging of products, promoting the culture of environmental protection, accelerating the recycling of products using biodegradable materials.

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Management of Ava Industrial Group

“Shiraz Nylon” company, as one of the sub-groups of “Ava Industrial Group”, with nearly four decades of activity in the field of production and printing of all kinds of nylon, nylex and packaging wrappers for the food industry, with the use of experienced specialists and the use of raw materials Marghoub and up-to-date printing and packaging equipment are serving a wide range of customers.

Mohammad Tabandeh